"Rental Agreement" 2011, Ink on paper

“Rental Agreement” 2011, Ink on paper

Topher J. Knoll

Nature makes art by Topher J. Knoll an interesting critique on Mankind and Human Society. Topher was born in Kalkaska, Michigan and considers himself to have grown up in the small rural town of Cedar Springs, Michigan. He showed remarkable drawing abilities in Middle School. Topher J. Knoll graduated High School in 2005. There he started a body of fine art later called The Paleolithic Age. These works were a harsh critique on the world and were dark with chiaroscuro. After he graduated, Topher J. Knoll moved to San Francisco for a year and then returned. After he recovered from a suicide attempt back in Michigan, Topher started The Mesolithic Age around 2008. These works were a fresh new take on what Topher J. Knoll wanted to do with his work. He created a portfolio of his skills and addressed many new ideas. Both the Paleolithic and Mesolithic Ages for Topher lasted until 2010. Since then, Topher has been living in San Francisco as a working full-time student contributing art to The Neolithic Age which has a strong focus on Mankind and nature.

Neolithic Age by Topher J. Knoll

The Neolithic Age is a body of some of the best works by Topher J. Knoll to date. The Neolithic Age reflects a much brighter critique on nature and the universe than work by Topher J. Knoll in the past. Topher J. Knoll utilized bright inks and paint in The Neolithic Age to symbolize playfulness. In addition to working on The Neolithic Age, Topher J. Knoll works at Peet’s Coffee and Tea in downtown San Francisco and studies Environmental Studies and Science at San Francisco City College. Topher J. Knoll continues to use his illustration abilities and growing knowledge of nature to address issues of civilization.

Topher writes for Culture Hog Arts and Culture Magazine.

Topher Fine Art, August 2012