“The Vegan Army”

The Scout Vegan Art
“The Scout”
October 2011, colored pencil on paper
Topher Vegan Art

The Vegan Army wants you! If Americans had vegan art as fun as these toy soldiers, perhaps they’d be more conscious of their food choices. “The Vegan Army” toy soldiers and vegan art won the battle that Mr. Potato Head lost; Vegan art made vegetables a hit. Adults do everything to make eating animals seem normal contrary to vegan art: Mom and Dad eat organic free-range meat even though it’s still weird by vegan art standards. They eat meat only when the bible says to against normal vegan art ways. Eating animals is funny though! Making it seem okay merely makes it more absurd which is great for vegan art. One way or another people who eat meat are gourmet but gory vegan art. This behavior is not to be judged; it’s to be laughed at! Ridicule the people with vegan art for never questioning what they eat, food of their culture, or their upbringing! These guys need The Vegan Army and vegan art!

Truthful Vegan Art

The goal is to remove a disguise via vegan art. Toy soldiers are something every American knows and can relate with. Putting the viewer inside the drawing and dressing them up as the cruel cooking toy soldiers allows them to choose from their normal self or to accept their new vegan art apparel. The vegan art toy soldiers show the true process of cooking animal products and the true colors of the people who cook them via vegan art.

Construction of the Fine Art

Topher wanted the fine art of the toy soldiers to be bold, ridiculous, and reminiscent. The contrast between the pink background and the toy soldiers makes the pictures pop. The pink color choice seems to paint a childish background for the toy soldiers. The green color choice for the toy soldiers seems to remind everyone of the classic look of toy soldiers. All of the goal accomplished by designing the toy soldiers relates to the theme and goals of Topher J. Knoll.