Social Political Art: In Social political art by Topher J. Knoll it’s about having fun. Thus this particular social political art isn’t going to make everyone happy. There’s no way you can have social political art that’s going to be polite and to have fun simultaneously. There’s no fun social political art like social political art that sheds a few tears or gets a few people steaming and mad! This social political art is going to put the room in an uproar. This social political art will get you fired from your job. This social political art may even make you a victim of a ridiculous lawsuit.

Art Gifts: Get this fine art on a 16×20 Canvas, a 16×20 Print, or a Pin Button.

A Social Political Art Vocabulary

The catalyst for this social political art was every time someone looked around and shushed. Social political art started when people started turning around and investigated the room before making racist jokes. Social political art is about when people say, “Shhh that’s impolite and rude.” People’s misuse of the word inappropriate is the start of this social political art. The basis of this social political art is that the word has no meaning. The social political art word describes the situations as not appropriate or improper to the situation. Social political art is about the thing that’s said or done that doesn’t fit into the situation at hand. Social political art by Topher demonstrates that the meaning of the word, “inappropriate,” is circular. Under new findings of social political art, no longer will things be inappropriate. Social political art will render this word and its supposed meaning destroyed and useless!

Construction of the Fine Art

Topher’s social political art is still merely an outline. These social political art pieces are sketches. The social political art sketches were drawn quickly with a B pencil.

Art Gifts: Get this fine art on a 16×20 Canvas, a 16×20 Print, or a Pin Button.