“Ahab” Series

Squid Pictures: If everyone had eight arms and was drinking their latte, reading their newspaper, ordering their cheeseburgers, talking to their grandmothers on the phone, and filing their tentacles all at once like a colossal squid, no one would have time to enjoy life. Luckily that’s left to a colossal squid to do. Unlike the frantic colossal squid, people take time to stop and smell the kelp. They take time to enjoy fine art. The colossal squid juggles a million things at once making the rest of the world work harder and sleep less. The class below that of the colossal squid doing what the president says, believing in what the preachers say, and working hard for the rich are the ones who enjoy it all because the calm and organized are the ones who get to awe at the sunrise over the sea in the morning and be merry after work over beer with their mates… or school.

Art Gifts: Get this fine art on a 16×20 Canvas, a 16×20 Print, or a Pin Button.

The Colossal Squid

This fine art depicts two, the colossal squid and the sloth. The colossal squid is above all other and pays for its cars to built and food to be cooked. The sloth is the one who serves the rich and powerful. The sloths don’t need to get anywhere fast nor mind if their food is cool. The colossal squid is a giant corporation or a mob of thirsty caffeine addicts. The sloth, also refereed to as Ahab, is the sole contender and fighter for the lower class. The tired and stressed colossal squid represents the first group and Ahab represents the calm collected lower caste under that of the colossal squid.

Construction of the Fine Art

Materials vary. The beautiful murky reds that colossal squid emanates is offset by brown and the darkness of charcoal. The canvases and papers are large to extenuate the long tentacles of squids.

Art Gifts: Get this fine art on a 16×20 Canvas, a 16×20 Print, or a Pin Button.