“BP Mutations”

Everyone has seen pictures of BP and read about BP’s new rise of enormous, oily, mutated, man-eating, wildlife running around vengefully eating young and bringing down cities, right? These pictures are a bit far fetched, right?! Collages, made to look like funny magazine covers and advertisements, are like the exaggerated words and pictures of BP spread constantly about the spill in the Gulf Coast. They are examples of America‘s priorities; they show how America goes about achieving peace between Mankind and Nature. Instead of fighting a war, pictures of BP and war are watched on television. Instead of driving more fuel-efficient cars, people complain about empty wallets, and even uncomfortable weather. Now instead of cleaning up slightly-messier-than-muddy-eggnog mistakes that took place in The Gulf Coast, people are pointing fingers and carrying picket signs with pictures of BP on them. The media has fun making pictures of BP and making money from disasters and Topher has fun making jokes about them. However the real fun comes from, not making a spectacle like pictures of BP, but rather, quickly identifying a problem and fixing it.

Pictures of BP in Collages

Topher J. Knoll’s theory craftsmanship of collage are the foundations for these pictures of BP. The pictures of BP, here, have been ripped out of magazines like metal being ripped away from an oil rig. The pictures of BP were broken down into malleable bits and reassembled. The way the pictures are reassembled is important. The pictures must look a certain way, the pictures of BP must feel a certain way, and the pictures of BP must send a specific message. Topher J. Knoll’s collages and pictures of BP send a clear message. Topher J. Knoll is saying that pictures of BP are exaggerations. The pictures of BP America sees in the papers and on television are mere fables. Indeed the true pictures of BP are bad and citizens need to take action. And that’s exactly why media should spend less time exaggerating their pictures of BP and the oil spill and more time working to make a difference. This is the message that Topher J. Knoll has coded using the punctuation marks and pictures of BP from dismantled parts of magazines.

Construction of the Fine Art

The pictures are made to resemble mass media. This is done with references to magazines and over-the-top pictures. BP Mutations are all collages with images mostly taken from National Geographic. The fine art was constructed with rubber cement.