“Man and Nature”

The word “and” instead of “versus” is used in this nature art to describe this body of work. It’s not about showing which is better; this series of art is merely a comparison. Hopefully nature art, here, will demonstrate more similarities than differences. Applying common human attributes to animals is a way to study Humanity’s place and juxtaposition in nature. People will be able to see differences between man and nature here in this nature art.

The Nature Art Sketches

There are several different sketches on the desk of Topher J. Knoll right now. Each nature art sketch represents a different twig in the tree of this nature art series. There are several different minute themes that makeup this nature art series. Each one is simple, brief, and pungent as part of the art. They are just like the small sketches that Topher is working on. A simple word might easily be applied to each, like wealth or music. Take wealth for example; riches are represented in one nature art piece by diamonds and the pig represents people’s consumption of wealth. The nature art theme here is a comparison between Humanity and its wealth. Now take sound and music for example; the animals in the nature art series are consuming music with their exaggerated senses. Senses and activities that people indulge in are what comprise the nature art here. Each drawing and nature art sketch is of a person and their will. They may only be sketches, but this nature art is meant to have powerful meaning no matter what form it takes.

Construction of the Fine Art

The art here were experiments. Topher tried to use many different styles and mediums in this nature art series. Pencil, charcoal, grease, and pastel are all used. Even some materials like recycled paper bags were played around a bit with in this art.