2011 Artist Statement

"Rental Agreement" November 2011, Ink on paper Topher

“Rental Agreement” 2011, Ink on paper

Neolithic Age

My drawings plainly reflect, without bias or commentary, what I see in society and civilization. Like lanterns they are emotionless and dumb but when lit they can change the way we see the world. Mankind and myself are what light my drawings. I create to navigate; to study life, nature, and the universe in a different light.

Art is like a pond that reviews the light and reflects it back, dazzling and different. I review the relationships between, “The Garden of Man and Nature,” better known as mankind and nature. I display mostly human capitalization over animals and, more importantly, the environment entirely. I craft the means for societies and civilizations to craft the ends.

Paint I use is equally artistic as the paintings I make. Symbols, metaphors, collages, and juxtapositions I use are comparisons between us and nature. I choose natural materials and images of nature often to paint a picture of the natural world. Every material I use and decision I make in an artwork is intentional.

I use what matters least to address what matters most: a dead language to revolutionize a living world. I turn ideas into thought. I make saloons and cabarets of museums and universities. I turn action into art and art into action. My work inspires others and myself to live as recklessly and beautifully as humanly possible!

Topher writes for Culture Hog Arts and Culture Magazine.

Topher Fine Art, 2011