Community Art: “Step right up! Squiggle down the steps of your spiraling quest to join us, your kin, in your nest,” says the man with the hungry blank canvas and screaming red and blue markers! Participants for this project were invited to draw the events of their day in order until they reached the current one. After everyone was done it was visible how everyone came to be together at the same event.

A Fine Art Tapestry

People’s paths in life are constantly starting, stopping, crossing, intertwining, and knotting together like a giant textile. Accurately drawing someone’s journey through the universe is next to impossible so it was left to the participant. The main goal was a drawing that showed these textile pieces and how they join. Each persons drawing represents a piece of the puzzle and the meeting in the middle represents the coming together of a community.

Art Gifts: Get this fine art on a 16×20 Canvas, a 16×20 Print, or a Pin Button.

Construction of the Fine Art

The colors are bright to reflect the state of mind that people who participate in these projects are usually in. The canvas or paper is large to reflect the enormous amounts of people at any particular event, alive, or even in existence. The artist is hardly involved in the construction of the piece and has little control over it.

Textile I: Full Moon Gathering Map June 26th, 2010 Fine Art

“Textile I”
Ink on paper
Community Art by Topher J. Knoll Fine Art