“The Nature of Duchamp”

Junk Sculpture: Coupons and receipts are too long and take almost two months to decompose. The “THANK YOU” bag corner stores insist on providing for only one item take about 10 to 20 years. Swanky new Nikes take 24 to 40 years and Dunkin Doughnuts coffee cups take over 100 years! It’s rough on the planet but people need all these things! A mere apple at Safeway costs three dollars, but there’s a whole dumpster full of bagels for free behind the nearest bakery. It’s no surprise, too, that the lights are always left on for the cat. The cat needs those lights on. Honestly, the human population is torn between needs and wants. These sculptures hope to help humans sort the differences. Since Nature has been disrespected these are an apology from mankind. “The Nature of Duchamp” is a tribute to Nature and it’s strength. It’s wheel spins capturing the energy of Nature without rest or end. The energy it creates is powerful and the sculpture’s shape is infinite. Every material used for “The Nature of Duchamp” could be found in any dump in any town but instead was put to a practical use. Now it harnesses the power of Nature and drives an entirely waste-free mill. It’s a symbol of hope for the end of consumerism and waste.